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  • Regular Single Stud Wall Partition System (QRSS-75)
  • Regular Double Stud Wall Partition System (QRDS-200)
  • Fireshield 60 Minutes Shaft Wall System (QFSSW60M)
  • Fireshield 120 Minutes Shaft Wall System (QFSW120M)
  • Wall Cladding System (QRWC)
  • Wall Lining System (QRWL)
  • Regular Suspended Ceiling System (QRSC)
  • Moisture Resistant Suspended Ceiling System (QMRSC)
  • Fire Rated Suspended Ceiling System (QFRSC
  • Fireshield 45 Minutes Suspended Ceiling System (QFSSC45M)
  • Fireshield 60 Minutes Suspended Ceiling System (QFSSC60M)
  • Fireshield 120 Minutes Suspended Ceiling System (QFSSC120M)


QFSW120M is a lightweight non load bearing, cost effective, multi purpose solution suitable for all types  of buildings also it’s provide  high acoustic performance and  can  customize to a specific level of any project requirements.

QFSW120M is a high density double layer of 15.9mm thickness Fireshield gypsum board, installed  to each side of a stud and with a certified fire rating of 2 hours.

  Brand Name  QFR120M
  Wall Thickness  As per project requirements
  Wall Height  As per project requirements
  Fire Rating  120 Minutes
  Application  Internal dry area
  Standards  ASTM C 1396
  ASTM C 473
  Standards ASTM E 84
  BS 476: part 22 1987
  EN 520, EN 1364 – 1
  2 x 12.5mm Fireshield Gypsum Board  Both Sides, double layer
  1 x 50mm x 0.60mm – Track (Top & Bottom)  Top and bottom single layer
  1 x 48mm x 0.60mm Stud
  M6 x 37mm Hammer-In Anchor
  Full height @600mm c/c single layer
  Track to floor and soffit fixing
  M4.2 x 13mm Wafer Head  Metal to metal fixing
  M3.5 x 25 & 32mm Drywall Screw  Board to metal fixing
  50 x 0.25mm Fiber Glass Joint Tape  Jointing gypsum board
  Joint Compound  Finishing surface
  50 x 0.60mm Horizontal Backing Plate  Screw fixed to studs coincident with horizontal board      joint
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