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  • Regular Single Stud Wall Partition System (QRSS-75)
  • Regular Double Stud Wall Partition System (QRDS-200)
  • Fireshield 60 Minutes Shaft Wall System (QFSSW60M)
  • Fireshield 120 Minutes Shaft Wall System (QFSW120M)
  • Wall Cladding System (QRWC)
  • Wall Lining System (QRWL)
  • Regular Suspended Ceiling System (QRSC)
  • Moisture Resistant Suspended Ceiling System (QMRSC)
  • Fire Rated Suspended Ceiling System (QFRSC
  • Fireshield 45 Minutes Suspended Ceiling System (QFSSC45M)
  • Fireshield 60 Minutes Suspended Ceiling System (QFSSC60M)
  • Fireshield 120 Minutes Suspended Ceiling System (QFSSC120M)


QFSW90M is a lightweight non load bearing, cost effective, multi   purpose solution suitable for all types of buildings also it’s provide high acoustic performance and can customize to a specific level of any project requirements.

QFSW90 is a double layer of 12.5mm thickness Qgyps® Fireshield  gypsum board installed to each  side of a stud and with a certified fire rating of 90 minutes.

  Brand Name  QFR90M
  Wall Thickness  As per project requirements
  Wall Height  As per project requirements
  Fire Rating  90 Minutes
  Application  Internal dry area
  Standards  ASTM C 1396
  ASTM C 473
  Standards ASTM E 84
  BS 476: part 22 1987
  EN 520, EN 1364 – 1
  2 x 12.5mm Fireshield Gypsum Board  Both Sides, double layer
  1 x 50mm x 0.60mm – Track (Top & Bottom)  Top and bottom single layer
  1 x 48mm x 0.60mm Stud
  M6 x 37mm Hammer-In Anchor
  Full height @600mm c/c single layer
  Track to floor and soffit fixing
  M4.2 x 13mm Wafer Head  Metal to metal fixing
  M3.5 x 25 & 32mm Drywall Screw  Board to metal fixing
  50 x 0.25mm Fiber Glass Joint Tape  Jointing gypsum board
  Joint Compound  Finishing surface
  50 x 0.60mm Horizontal Backing Plate  Screw fixed to studs coincident with horizontal board      joint
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